Romain Capelle

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Romain is a creative individual with a great sense of style and branding. He is experienced in both advertising design and imaging, including retouching. He is a hard worker who cares about both process and results. It was a pleasure working with him at UrbanDaddy.

Aric Lavinthal, Co-Founder & Board Member URBANDADDY

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It was obvious from the start that he was sharp and capable…but what a delight to also find that he had incredible design/creative abilities! I have no hesitation in recommending Romain Capelle for any position pertaining to production, media, marketing, design or advertising.

Perry Kirk, President at Ubiquitous Media

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Romain is a reliable and responsible graphic designer constantly working on improving the final product.

Yuri Katz, President at Katz Engineering

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Romain is a great designer. He has quicly understood ou brand, our needs and went fast enough to fit our start-up's agenda. Our customers and partners compliment and value the design of our website very often. We are very thankfull for this very good job.

Nurra Barry, Co-founder & CEO at MISM Mon Intérieur sur Mesure

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I've had the great pleasure of working with Romain. I've witnessed a true business sense for production and marketing. He displays strong creative skills and an overall positive attitude toward his responsibilities and tasks. He's also a reliable team player. I look forward to watching him expand on his international career.

severin bonnichon, Co-Founder at CUISSE DE GRENOUILLE

About Romain Capelle

Born and raised in the verdant prairies of northern France, schooled at Lille’s EDHEC – ESPEME BUSINESS SCHOOL, I inhale cheese, escargots, and pains au chocolat. But proud as I am of my culture, my biggest life-changing experience took place outside of my homeland: on a month-long solo journey into the belly of China, after which I ditched business school for an entire year
to study Mandarin, work with a video production company and, a fashion photographer in Shanghai. When I returned to business school, my goals had shifted; I wanted to become fluent in as many international business practices as possible while gaining experience in various industries—including E-commerce, Retouching, and Webdesign (let’s call it versatilité).
This quest has led me across the map and into the bustling advertising and online media industry for three years in New York. Afterwards, I moved to Berlin to join the production/designer team at FAB.com for a year. For the last five years I was based in Paris, concentrating on my freelance work and working as a webmaster for Lancome and other L'Oreal Brands using Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution. I stay open to any new and exciting full time opportunity. See my latest Projects

Latest four full-time jobs

Romain Capelle Marketing Coordinator at UBIMEDIA GLOSSMEDIA

Created and designed the visual materials: website, videos for the company's websites and marketing materials (logos for the company's divisions, newsletters, planning guide).

Wrote proposals, coordinated and managed out-of-home advertising campaigns.

Marketing Coordinator - 2 years
Romain Capelle Imaging department at Urbandaddy

Selected and edited content imagery reaching two million people daily through the UrbanDaddy email newsletters, website and Iphone App.

Designed web advertising for major brands such as Heinekein, UGG.

Web Imaging editor - 1 years
Romain Capelle Fab.com NYC Berlin

Created banners and visuals for the homepage. Designed graphics and retouched imagery according to high visual standards.

Managed the production of sales by collecting and organizing product specifications from buyers and editorial content.

FAB.COM - Berlin, Germany
Production Designer - 1 year
Romain Capelle Datawords Paris Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Led the website localization of several brands using Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) for more than ten countries.

Coordinated with development agencies and international clients to ensure the implementation of the websites.

FAB.COM - Berlin, Germany
Production Designer - 1 year